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Europe and america in the mirror

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Maik Arnold, Przemysław Łukasik (ed.)

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A vivid and more or less stable partnership between European and American countries is generally regarded as a key issue and particularly serious challenge in terms of cultural, economic, historical, political, and social developments and changes on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. This volume aims at bringing together various approaches, concepts, and analyses that are currently on the agenda in academic discussions in transatlantic and international relations studies.

With a collection of essays from young scholars who have pursued their research in a wide-ranging field of interdisciplinary research, this volume not only contributes to intensifying important aspects of the study and analysis of transatlantic relations, but also reflects upon recent developments in different European regions that can only be understood in a global dimension such as anti-Americanism, popular culture and media, contemporary regionalist movements, and secularization in modern societies.

In all cases, the contributors’ findings and research perspectives shape not only the content of this book, but in many respects develop an innovative understanding of transatlantic and international relations, helping us to gain important new insights into this specific relationship.


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Kraków 2012

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